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Welcome to our Website! My name is Morgan Cuthbert, and I am the President of the Structural Engineers Association of California Cal Poly Student Chapter for the 2023-24  academic year. SEAOC has always held a special place in my heart during my time here as an ARCE as the mentorship and community through this club is truly special.


I am honored to lead our club working with a talented group of dedicated people: our SEAOC Board. SEAOC serves as a professional club for students interested in the Architectural Engineering Field. Many majors are represented in our club including Architecture, Architectural Engineering, Construction Management, and Civil Engineering. The clubs primary goal is to connect students with the professional world through networking events, lecture series, and by promoting professional development. Alongside the professional aspect of SEAOC, our club promotes work life balance. SEAOC hosts events and programs that create positive outlets to help foster a greater community, promote diversity and inclusivity, and prepare our members for success after Cal Poly.


We are proud to have about 180 members from a variety of majors in our student chapter. Our club hosts a weekly lecture series where professionals from the industry come to discuss important topics in our field, interesting projects that they have worked on, their career paths and more. We also host our own career fair, Structural Forum,  a resume free event. Students and professionals attend a morning lecture series, career fair, and evening banquet where students and professionals are able to share a meal and connect. Furthermore we have the opportunity to send students to various cities throughout the world to visit firms as a way to expand our network and expose students to out of the classroom experiences.



  • Promote Professionalism

  • Offer opportunities for students to network

  • Build a strong, diverse community 

  • Connect education to the real world

  • Be a positive outlet for our members 

  • Prepare our members for success after Cal Poly



  • Group of about 180 students interested in Architectural Engineering

  • Hosts weekly meetings to hear a professional from the industry discuss their experiences, projects, etc.

  • Both a professional and social organization

  • Some other events include:

    • Structural Forum (no-resume career fair)

    • Quarterly firm visits around the country

    • Spring break trip to firms

    • Beach barbecues


    • Site visits

    • Community outreach and service work

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