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Our Late Night Family

SOPHIA LOONEY (she/her/hers)


Sophia is a 4th-year Architectural Engineering student from Seattle, Washington. She serves as President of the Cal Poly Student Chapter of SEAOC. Sophia is incredibly excited to serve in this position, because she acts as the direct contact to professionals interested in being involved in our Chapter, and who come to Cal Poly to speak about their experiences in the field. In her spare time, she serves as a Cal Poly University Ambassador and enjoys playing soccer, painting, and going on adventures in the surrounding area of San Luis Obispo. If you would like to speak at a future meeting, please contact Sophia at the email below. 

ROBERT GARLAND (he/him/his)

Vice President

Robert is a 4th-year Architectural Engineering major from Hemet, California. As the Vice President, he is in charge of the quarterly trips and the spring break trip as well as stepping in for the general running of the club. He likes long walks on the beach, indie rock music, and sunset surfs.

DOUG MCARTHUR (he/him/his)

Forum Chair

Doug is a 4th-year Architectural Engineering major from Las Vegas, Nevada and is in charge of planning the 30th annual Structural Forum. This includes a morning event with structural engineering guest speakers and an evening career fair and dinner with 50+ structural engineering firms and a keynote speaker. Outside of SEAOC, Doug is a member of the ASI student government, an ambassador for the College of Architecture and Environmental Design and a representative for the Movember foundation. He loves cooking, hiking, tweeting, and exploring the central coast.

NICK SLAVIN (he/him/his)


Nick is a 4th-year Architectural Engineering student from Thousand Oaks, CA who, as treasurer, monitors the budget, handles all things money-related, and ensures SEAOC is staying on track.  In addition to his SEAOC duties, he is on the EERI seismic design team, is pursuing a geology minor, participates in Cal Poly's wind ensemble, and is involved in the Newman Catholic Center.  He researched retrofit solutions to unreinforced masonry cavity walls in New Zealand last summer and enjoys rock climbing whenever he can escape the ARCE labs.

TOMLINN COX (she/her/hers)


Tomlinn is a 3rd-year Architectural Engineering major from Rocklin, CA. As Secretary, she takes notes at the weekly meetings for the records and also is responsible for signing up new and returning members of the club. In her time outside of SEAOC, Tomlinn enjoys hiking, kayaking, and exploring the areas around San Luis Obispo. In addition to this, she enjoys playing sports and chillin out with friends in her spare time. If you’re looking to join, please feel free to reach out at the given email!

QUINN PORTER (he/him/his)

Event Chair

Quinn is a 3rd-year Architectural Engineering major from Piedmont, CA. As Event Chair, he puts on inter club events such as the Avila Beach BBQ, as well as recruitment events such as WOW Showcase. Over summer, Quinn participated in the Lithuania study abroad trip, and traveled around Europe. His favorite cities were Barcelona, Budapest, and Venice. In his free time, Quinn enjoys surfing, hiking, and cook outs with friends.

NOLAN MCHORTER (he/him/his)

Fundraising Chair

Nolan McWhorter is a 4th-year Architectural Engineering student from Avila Beach, CA. His SEAOC position is Fundraising Chair, where he creates club merchandise and organizes club fundraising events. In his free time, he enjoys mountain biking, taking photos, and making short films. 

EVA WIECZOREK (she/her/hers)


Eva is a 3rd-year Architectural Engineering student from Omaha, Nebraska. As Historian, she keeps the Cal Poly SEAOC website up-to-date and photographs SEAOC events to document the experiences of all student members. Take a look at some of those photos on the website gallery! Eva is fond of dancing, visiting art museums, and eating at fun food places. She also recently received her LEED Green Associate accreditation, and enjoys learning about new ways to maintain a sustainable lifestyle.

CHASE STEWART (he/him/his)

New Member Chair

Chase is a 4th-year Architectural Engineering student from Bend, Oregon. He enjoys hiking, watching movies, and playing Spikeball! As New Member Chair, Chase helps promote new member involvement in SEAOC through various activities such as kayaking trips, PASS registration workshops, and the ARCE Big/Little program. He also oversees the SEAOC intramural teams every quarter.

ALEJANDRA BRAVO (she/her/hers)

Publicity Chair

Alejandra is a 4th-year Architectural Engineering major from Los Angeles, CA and loves going to school in SLO. As Publicity Chair, she is responsible for publicizing SEAOC events, typically by way of social media posts. She loves to spend time with her dog and watches boxing almost every weekend.

AUTUMN WAGNER (she/her/hers)

Service Chair

Autumn is a 3rd-year Architectural Engineering major from Westlake Village, CA. As Service Chair, she’s working on an initiative to help the homeless population in San Luis Obispo. You can usually find her at the Rec Center, in A lab, or at Slo Do Co. She is proud of her enthusiasm for coffee, the great outdoors, and her six feet of height. Autumn plans to make several trips this year to go ski and camp. She’s super excited to run a marathon later this spring and get more into surfing! 

ELLIS FRYER (she/her/hers)

Community Outreach Chair

Ellis is a 3rd-year Construction Management student who grew up in the Bay Area and the central coast. As the Community Outreach chair she looks for opportunities for SEAOC to interact with community members, especially in aiding young, potential engineers. She enjoys volleyball, rock climbing, yoga and art in her free time. Feel free to contact Ellis with any opportunities in the community!

JOSHUA SHOCKEY (he/him/his)

CAED Representative

Joshua is a 3rd-year Architectural Engineer from Chino Hills, CA. He enjoys playing video games, water polo, and Spikeball. As CAED Representative, Josh serves as a liaison between SEAOC and the CAED clubs through CAED Council. He is also in charge of organizing events for increasing cooperation within SEAOC board.

THOMAS LITTLE (he/him/his)

AEI Representative

Thomas is a 3rd-year Architectural Engineering student who serves as the AEI (Architectural Engineering Institute) Representative for Cal Poly’s SEAOC chapter. Thomas works to maintain a constant relationship with the national AEI organization and informs them of the chapter’s engagements. Thomas spent his summer studying abroad in Lithuania, and traveling around Eastern Europe.

TIA KELLY (she/her/hers)


Tia is a 2nd-year Architectural Engineering major from Phoenix, Arizona. As Coordinator, she organizes opportunities for students to go on local construction site visits. Tia likes to go to the beach, wakeboard, snowboard, bake and do ceramics in her free time. She loves Frank Ocean, ice cream, and ARCE. If you do too, don't be afraid to say hi!